“I deeply value the insight The Integrated Life Workshop brought to my life. Understanding my spiritual motivations has helped me receive more joy from the strengths God has imparted unto me and has also given me a more clear purpose in how I relate to others. My fiancé and I took this workshop together and we continually reference the impact it has had on our relationship and our future marriage. Understanding our own gifting has, in a sense, leveled the playing field for us in that we can now understand why we respond to certain situations the way we do; we can appreciate the way each other approaches different circumstances because we have a been given an opportunity to rejoice in one another’s strengths.”


“The ILW helped me confirm the gifts God has equipped me with and helped me understand why some areas of my life are more challenging than others.”


“The ILW helped me by showing a complete picture of the gifts God gave me – showing how these gifts are components of the very nature of God himself and how they are to be a source of joy and purpose, not to be despised as “lesser” gifts.  That realization is a source of release from prior negative teaching about the gifts God gave me, freeing me to fully integrate those gifts into my life so I can use them to serve in the manner God intended.”