What is the Integrated Life?

Living an integrated life is a journey of grace, purpose, and freedom as a result of a person’s continual transformation into the likeness of Christ. This person seeks to be restored to God’s original purpose and to faithfully follow Christ. The integrated life is characterized by living Christ-like qualities of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. They struggle to work through issues related to personal identity (security and significance) so that they find total contentment solely in the Lord with authenticity and purpose for God’s glory.

“The Integrated Life” started with three people who share this common purpose of being transformed into the likeness of Christ through restoration to God’s original purpose and plan, “To make God’s name known by faithfully emulating the example of the life of Jesus.”

Therefore, our mission is to help other people become aware of their original God-given design and how it can be reclaimed for God’s kingdom purposes by living an integrated life. The Scripture calls us to live transformed lives and function out of a restored image that reflects Christ. Each person is designed with unique qualities that lead to their unique expressions of how they best worship God, love others, and serve God’s kingdom purposes.

The Integrated Life Workshop (ILW) was developed out of our personal, spiritual and life journeys to equip and train others to better live and work within their local church, and Para-church organizations, to better serve the Lord God for His kingdom purposes.

Uniquely Created

There is not another person exactly like you in this world.  From the foundations of the world, God uniquely created you!  As believers in Jesus Christ, our identity does not come from what we do or accomplish, it comes from our union with Christ

Purposefully Gifted

Everyone has been given one or more gifts to use for the glory of God, contribute to His purposes, and for our enjoyment.  Whether you serve in the marketplace, in your home or in the church, your contributions are valued and needed.

Fully Integrated

Do you seem to experience a dichotomy in life between the sacred and the secular?  Do you have a private faith that is expressed between you and God, and in church, yet is less vibrant as you engage the culture?