Spiritual growth

Spiritual growth is more than cognitive learning. Transformation happens when believers, by the power of the Holy Spirit, renew their minds and step into God’s good and perfect will. Living in God’s will require a commitment of heart, mind, soul, and strength; it is holistic growth. One-dimensional growth is rarely transformative.

Spiritual transformation

Spiritual transformation is a work of God. Followers of Jesus align themselves to God’s will for their lives and join with each other to bring glory to His name. Transformation is rooted in God’s mercy, requires a renewed mind, and is humbly put into practice (Romans 12:1-3).

Authentic Identity

Living with Christ-like identity results in praise to God and leads to service for others. It is the overflow of the Christian life. Praise emboldens service that builds up the church and reaches the world with the message of the Gospel in a relevant way.

Redeeming Relationships

Building redeeming relationships with non-believers is much easier when a person enjoys the freedom to live in their unique identity in Christ. It is a freedom to be authentic, loving, gracious, giving, and generous.

Christianity is not just about what you do, but how your unique identity in Christ is lived out in the world to bring glory to His name. Ministry leaders who are passionate about Christ and His kingdom want to see transformed lives that multiply disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Integrated Life provides ministry resources to ministry leaders that you can incorporate into your existing ministries or programs. We are not a ministry organization that wants to add another program. We work with you to strengthen existing programs without adding additional ministry burden.

The Integrated Life is a group of people who believe in the need for healthy and vibrant local churches whose people are engaging today’s culture with the message and relevance of Jesus. We want to see Christ redeem, restore, and free each person for the praise of His name. By living in the freedom of an authentic and integrated Christ-like identity, followers of Jesus can effectively engage their culture.


About us

The Integrated Life believes that following Jesus is a transformative journey of living out one’s Christ-like identity to bring glory to his name. An Integrated Life in Christ is based upon one’s unique Christ-like identity that lives out and fulfills God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will that He has prepared for each person.

An Integrated Life is one’s authentic Christ-like expression of:

Worship – Praising God’s Name with whole-hearted love above all other names, idols, or isms.

Work – Servicing others in all that we do, according to God’s original design and purpose for us.

Witness – Loving neighbors well with the Great Commission mandate to make disciples, without pretense or condemnation.)